Heritage / Traditional & Listed Building – Glass Installations

One of Diverso’s favourite aspects to our work is the unbelievable properties that we encounter and are fortunate enough to be able to create beautiful designs for.

We are often approached by people who have listed buildings, or are more traditional in design…and we absolutely love this. Being given the chance to give a breath of fresh air to these amazing buildings is what we are all about. 

The installation of glass to a traditional property compliments and transforms the feel and the future to the building.  It can also give parts of the building new uses and leases of life, giving the property longevity for many years to come. 

We always aim to be sympathetic to the surroundings and the impact of the glass installations that we have done are truly amazing.  We have the capabilities to install shaped glass for areas with intricate details, and also over-sized glass for large spaces to be enclosed. 

We have been fortunate enough to work with some truly beautiful properties such as Chatsworth House, Kenwood Hall Gate House, Dronfield Heritage Trust, Upper Hurst Farm and Shatton Hall.


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