Glass Out Of The Ordinary

Technology in glass is constantly advancing, with the capabilities of pushing the medium even further for design purposes.  With many years of experience and knowledge of our products, Diverso love pushing the boundaries of what glass can do, and what stunning features it can create. 

We spend a lot of time researching what new and imaginative trends will be coming through in the glazing industry, always trying to stay ahead to ensure our clients get the most amazing installations possible. 

We love to showcase glass in ways that are seemingly impossible, we curve glass to create dividing walls and wine cellars with the wow factor.  We integrate glass in to flooring to give your property that talking point.  We take glass sizes and shapes to the unimaginable to give you that something a little bit different. 

We also always ensure that as well as beauty, we offer safety.  With many specifications available in glass such as lamination, toughening, heat soaking and fire rated glass available to ensure that any installation functions safely and at its optimum capabilities. 


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