Founding The Company

Chris first founded Diverso back in 2010…initially supplying and installing bespoke gated entrances for people’s homes and businesses.  The business grew, with happy customers asking for more products, leading Chris to where he is today.  Wanting to fulfil customers’ requirements to the best possible potential, Chris started to look at what products would achieve outstanding features for clients residential and commercial properties.

Glass became the medium of choice that really became popular for the sleek yet timeless look that it can offer.  Chris grew the glass aspect of the business so he was able to offer customers such a wide range of tailor made products that you can see showcased on the website.  Coveting products from Staircases, Frameless structural glazing, Orangeries, Glass roofs and much more. 

Many year’s experience in the industry now means that Chris has the access and knowledge on some of the more complex and bespoke areas of the glazing industry, allowing us to take on some of the more adventurous and challenging projects.

Chris’ aim for Diverso has always been to offer customers the best service within the industry.  By providing tailor made products and going the extra mile to help achieve the most from your property.


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