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At Diverso, we are extensively experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural features, with our feature staircases being a source of particular pride. 

A staircase is often one of the initial features that visitors and clients see when entering the building, it can often be a focal point and is the part of the building that nearly everyone will use.  Making this inviting and welcoming for all can often be key to the first impressions given by your business.  We therefore realise that the style that is chosen gives an outstanding first impression and perception of the company.

The staircase design needs to be taken in to consideration depending on the business and public use of the space, to achieve successful design, legislative requirements and potentially relevant materials to the company…all of these aspects are taken care of by Diverso…bringing professional style to any environment. 

All of our commercial staircases are bespoke made.  These can be produced in a huge range of materials with each individual element being crafted specifically for your staircase.  We can also integrate company logos or colours as part of the design to give it an even more unique touch. We can work in all mediums to achieve the look that best suits your company, with glass, steel, stainless steel and wood being some of the most popular options. 

With the staircase predominantly being the main focal point of the home and entrance hall, a beautifully designed, extraordinary staircase can really make your home stand out and set it apart from the rest.  It is becoming an increasingly popular feature within the home that people are looking to create a stylish, visual impact with.

Dvierso’s bespoke designed staircases are tailor made to suit your home and all your family’s needs to give you both a stunning yet functional feature within your home. Such design choices as curved, glazed, spiral, cantilever, suspended and open plan being just a few options to consider.

Getting the right look within the home can be complex as there are many questions to take in to consideration, such as space, function, materials to work with, practicality and personal taste.  We here at Diverso can help with all aspects of this vision to assist answering all of those questions as well as the planning and building control aspects of the project.

No matter what the project you are looking to undertake, here at Diverso we understand that no two projects are the same, and our team have the experience to ensure that your personal vision and requirements and fulfilled.With a large portfolio of high-quality bespoke staircase solutions, and a long list of satisfied clients, you can be assured of an extraordinary staircase to facilitate your project

Also knows as the Helical stair this is a beautifully curved staircase, they lead users through upward levels in a graceful flowing arc. Helical stairs regularly feature handrails to both sides with two rolled stringers and treads inserted between them

Due to the flexibility of space that these types of staircases can be built in to, and the curved stair design, this option is found in a variety of settings, from large commercial office spaces to private residences.  They can be constructed in wide elliptical or oval shapes to fit in many areas.

You can also run two helical staircases opposite of each other to create grandeur within an entrance hall.  They are often used as central focus points to an interior to draw people up through the layers of the building.

A variety of materials are used in helical curved staircase design, stainless steel, wood, glass and even concrete.  They regularly feature handrails to either side, that again can be created in many mediums. 

A spiral staircase is an elegantly twisted staircase that, as it rises, turns constantly around a central axis. There may be a solid or open column to the centre.

The individual treads are connected via the central axis, rotating around this to take users up to the next level in a more vertical manner than regular staircases.

These staircases are brilliant for space saving, in a room where maybe the footprint of the staircase needs to be kept to a minimum but with maximum impact visually.  They can also be lovely additions to external spaces in the garden or between balconies.

The three aspects of the spiral staircase that need to be considered for material purposes and design are the treads, balustrading and handrail.  Most commonly used materials are stainless steel,  wood and powder coated aluminium.  With some very eye-catching designs being possible.

Cantilevered / Floating / Suspended staircase. These staircases are designed to look like they are floating in mid-air with no structural support.  They have independent treads with open risers,  taking the users from one level to the next . 

The stair treads are actually anchored to a supporting structural wall or a stringer beam that is embedded within a wall, with the help of steel pins/bolts to provide the strength and back bone of the stairs required. This gives the impression of the floating stairs.

These staircases are great for creating space and allowing light to flow through rooms and levels.  They can be brilliant in smaller rooms as no second wall is required, they can also be a great choice for basements as they allow the flow of light from the above floor.

Many mediums can be used to create this look, wood, steel, glass, tiles, resin to name just a few for the tread application. Glass balustrading can also be put in place for the second wall should you want to do this.

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At Diverso, we are extensively experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural features, with our feature staircases being a source of particular pride.