Glass Floors

Optimising the capabilities of glass – offers the facility for both walk or drive on glass.  Structural glass floors can be used in both residential and commercial environments with varying uses, primarily to allow natural light into underlying areas that may other wise be left dark and unattractive. 

Walk-on-glass floors or roof panels are contracted using laminated glass – with varying interlayers and options depending on it’s purpose of use, and location.  The benefit of Diverso’s experience and capabilities allow us to specialise in oversized glass panels offering single panel glass floors up to 6m x 3m – both for internal and external applications.  Alternatively we can also utilise glass beams to continue the light framework while having unlimited sizes or patterns.

Glass floors have many options including patterned glass, fire-rated glass, ant-slip glass, shaped and/or coloured or low iron crystal clear.  Each option is part of Diverso’s offering of design, manufacture and installation throughout the UK.

We have used glass floors within internal glass bridges, glass floor balconies, walk-on-glass roofs, basement glass floors and many more…the options are endless 


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